Easy Petrol Post Driver – Multi Kit

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Product Description

  • Designed to enable one man to knock any size stake, peg or post into the ground, up to a 4” diameter. The high impact hammer action of 1720 BPM will drive a post into the ground in a matter of seconds, with the power pack being the ultra-reliable & compact Honda GX35T 4-Stroke Engine.
    The Multi Kit version comes with 3 adapter sizes, of which there are 6 different combinations to choose from.
  • Benefits
    – Portable – No pipes and generators needed
    – Lightweight, only 15.3kg
    – Ideal for Steep ground and inaccessible locations
    – Physically less demanding than traditional methods
    – Can be used all day without operator fatigue
  • Applications
    – Any shape from 10mm – 100mm Ø
    – Fencing – Timber and Angle Iron Posts
    – Landscaping – Tree Stakes
    – Nurseries – Tree and plant support
    – Vineyards – Especially steep hillsides
    – Farming – Sheep and cattle fencing
    – Construction – Temporary fencing/shuttering/ground pinning
    – Contractors – Tent Stakes/Ground Anchors/Signage
    – Festival/Fair Organisers – Signage/Temporary fencing


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