Tru-Turf Roller RB70

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Driven by a flexible, full width contour following drive roller and equipped with Tru-Turf’s patented triple offset smoothing rollers, following contours is a breeze. Combine this with overlapping roller heads and our innovative new self-cleaning smoothing roller system and you achieve a true, smooth 50” (1270mm) wide roll on the most contoured greens without leaving gaps, grass clippings or line crease marks.

Always evolving, we have incorporated a new quick release design allowing for a fast, safe and tool free transition between brushing, spiking or slicing attachments. This allows you to spend less time in the workshop and more time on the greens, saving you time and money.

While other greens rolling machines rely on weight to heavily compress the playing surface, Tru-Turf lightweight rollers create fast, true surfaces, without compacting the soil beneath, resulting in healthier greens. The RC50 comes standard with our hassle free, self-cleaning, self-adjusting, smoothing roller nodules. Look no further than our innovative range of optional attachments that can help increase productivity and provide great results through design, not weight.

  • 50″ swath in single pass
  • Overlapping smooth heads
  • LED work lights
  • Patented offset smoothing rollers
  • Built in trailer system
  • Rubber coated contour following drive roller
  • Smoothing roller nodule sweepers


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