Wessex RMX 180

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The RMX range of roller mowers feature three models with a cutting width ranging from 1.8m up to 3.0m. They are easy to maintain and produce an excellent cut at high speed. All the models feature zone hardened GoldCut precision blades that spin at 96 m/sec, producing a premium quality cut at fast forward speed. The blades feature an upturn to create a suction effect, and also pivot in order to minimise stone damage.

Due to its compact size, the RMX-180 is ideal for a contractor needing to transport the mower from site to site. It has a working width of 1.8m and requires only 30hp.


  • Cutting width: 1.8m
  • Overall width: 1.93m
  • weight: 467kg
  • Cutting height range: 10-100mm
  • of spindles: 3
  • Power required: 30
  • Work rate (at 12mph) acres per hour: 7.4