Tractor Mounted Rake and Brush Combinations

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Simple in operation with impressive performance. Tractor mounted rake and brush combination for decompacting either sand or rubber infill surfaces. Using either the fine grooming rake or the flexicomb with a straight brush will loosen the infill mix ensuring true and level playing characteristics, reduce the risk of injury, help maintain the surface lifespan and prevent standing water. The adjustable crossbar on the flexicomb allows the length of the bristles to be altered to meet raking and brushing needs of sand and rubber infills.

  • Singleplay Frame – FS0870Y
  • Twinplay Frame (Complete) – FS1237Y
  • Twin Implement Extension Arms – FS1123Y
  • Flexicomb – FS1134Y
  • Fine Rake – FS1075Y


  • Working width: 1800mm (1.8m/72″)
  • Tractor Power Requirement: 15hp minimum