Mumby Multi Star Seeder

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The unique design of the Mumby Multi Star Seeder will effectively carry out both overseeding on existing grass surfaces as well as initial seeding on bare soil surfaces due to the special star rotor system together with the seeding attachment.

The great advantage of the Multi Star Seeder over more conventional seeders is the unique but simple design – consisting of 4-star bladed rotors made of a long-life high-quality wear resisting material producing 2000 holes per sq. metre and spreading the seed accurately into the surface holes and raking in the seeds by hydraulically (optional) or manually angling the middle two rotors – this concept also permits better penetration when working on firmer surfaces. Seeds are placed evenly and randomly (not in lines) so producing a denser grass swarth than many other seeders on the market. Another benefit of the Multi Star Seeder is for surface aerating creating thousands of small holes for nutrients to be placed to also encourage good root growth.


  • Working width: 140cm (55”)
  • Seed hopper capacity (litres): 170
  • Seeding rates gms per sq. metre: 5-40gm
  • Max working output sq. metres per hour: 10,000
  • Middle rotor angling degrees: 0-6
  • Holes per sq. metre: 2,000
  • Rotor angling standard: Manual screw link
  • Rotor angling optional: Hydraulic cylinder
  • 3-point hitch category: CAT I
  • Shipping size (W x L x H): 170x140x100
  • Weight (kg): 640