RMX-240 2.4m Rigid Deck Roller Mower

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At 2.54m wide the Wessex ProLine RMX-240 is the widest fixed deck roller mower you can transport safely on UK roads. Perfect for contractors and councils looking to travel between mowing jobs without incurring costs of a folding wing model, yet still offering a 2.4m cut width, the RMX-240 is our most popular roller mower. One of the reasons the RMX-240 is so popular is because it is an excellent compromise between size and performance, with a width of cut that still allows for a large amount of grass to be processed by a relatively small body. In 2009 the Wessex ProLine RMX-240 received a glowing report from a respected groundcare publication, singling out its ease of maintenance and quality of cut at high speed as two key features of he mower that particularly impressed the test panel. Contact ;your local dealer for a copy of the test report and see what an independent tester had to say about this superb mower.


  • Cutting width 2.4m
  • Overall width 2.53m
  • Approx weight 640kg
  • Cutting height range 10-100mm
  • No. of cutting spindles 4
  • Power required 40hp
  • Workrate (at 12mph) 9.8 acres/hr