Iseki TM3267 HST

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The Iseki TM3267 Compact Tractor is a versatile 25hp diesel compact tractor with a three range hydrostatic transmission. The ISO-mounted operator’s platform combined with ergonomically positioned controls ensures operator comfort during extended working periods. The 3-point linkage has a lift capacity of 600kg or 800kg  when fitted with the high-capacity lift kit. The Iseki TM3267 Compact Tractor features as standard, independent rear-PTO with soft start, mid-PTO, two double-acting auxiliary valves, weight frame and a choice of AG or Turf tyres. The ISEKI TM3217 shares the same chassis, powered by a 19hp diesel engine. Available with an optional front loader.

  • Engine: Diesel, indirect injection, overhead valve / chassis, powered by a 19hp diesel
  • Fuel Capacity: 28ltr (7.4 gal)
  • Drive: 4WD
  • Lift Capacity: 600kg (1322 lbs) or 800kg (1764lb) with high capacity lift kit
  • Length: 2.88m (113.4”)
  • Width: 1m (43.7”) (Ag tyres) 1.295m (51”) 9Turf tyres)
  • Height: 39m
  • Weight: 870kg (1918 lb)