Baroness LM180E

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Powered by a reliable Mitsubishi engine, the LM180E has the power and flexibility to cope with long grass, short fine turf alike, where high output is needed. The reduced gear drive from the engine with the differential lock, makes it flexible and stable at low speeds on inclines up to 15 degrees. Along with this the three-speed gearbox that gives you fine control on difficult sloping areas and has a fast-cutting speed.


  • Engine: Mitsubishi GB300LN 0.291L (9.8HP)
  • Total length: 215cm
  • Total width: 208cm
  • Total height: 102cm
  • Weight: 381kg
  • Fuel tank: 6L
  • Cutting width (Mowing width): 188cm
  • Cutting height (Adjusted mowing height): 13~50mm
  • Efficiency: 9,630㎡/h (6.4km/ h × Cutting width (Mowing width) ×0.8)